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JUR River County Government donates food stuff to SPLA Forces in the front-lines

February 15, 2014) Authority of Jur River County in Western Bahr El Ghazal State has donated 71 cows and more than 30 bags of sorghum to SPLA forces as a gesture of solidarity for their commitment to defend South Sudan from aggressors.

Speaking to South Sudan Tribune, the county commissioner, John Madut Urbano said that the cows and the sorghum would be taken to the gallant SPLA forces who are in the front-lines protecting the country from the rebels who defected following attempted coup on December 15, 2013.

Urban explained that those seventy-one cows and sorghum would be handed to the state's Crisis Management Committee who will in turn deliver them to the SPLA.

"'The people of Jur River County have decided to support the gallant SPLA soldiers at the time when they need our support, as they are defending South Sudan from this unnecessary war imposed on the people by the former vice president Riek Machar '' the commissioner said.

Urbano also disclosed to South Sudan Tribune that the youth in the county are responding well to the mobilization call of joining national army for defending the country from the rebels.

He said: "I will tour all the payams in the county next week to explain the steps taken by the national government under the leadership of Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit in addressing the current crisis in the country".

Talking about security in the county, Urbano said the security situation in the county is stable and the state government has put in place measures and mechanisms to combat any threats in the county and the entire state.

The commissioner called upon all peace loving South Sudanese to denounce the current rebellion waged by Riek Machar against a democratically elected government.

He finally warned the youth on the rebel side not to be deceived and dragged into a meaningless war; instead, they should focus on enhancing the government programme of development, national building and reconciliation.



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